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2014-05-20 10:34 am

Challenge Redo part 1

8 banners (500x245)
2 picspams
1 fanmix


Big Bang Inspirations )
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2013-07-17 06:46 pm

tv_universe's big bang

1 fanmix (TSCC - John Connor)
4 tumblr graphics (TVD, TSCC, Teen Wolf)
10 icons (The Dresden Files, SGA)
and a sig tag :)

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2013-06-27 12:13 am

womenverse Big Bang - Femslash Fusions

Spoiler Alert: It's all Allison/Lydia from Teen Wolf
3 fanmixes
6 tumblr picspams
4 asofterworld remixes
2 sigtags

Mass Effect Fusion )
Johnny Mnemonic Fusion )
Natural Born Killers Fusion )
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2012-09-01 10:54 pm

Teen Wolf/Terminator Fusion

Medium: Fanmix/Picspam/Gifset
Fandom: Teen Wolf/Terminator Fusion
Subject: Derek/Stiles
Title: A Boy and His Robot
Notes: for fandomverse's big bang. Inspired by have in a TSCC icon and a Teen Wolf icon on the same row, and slayground@tumblr textures.
Summary: K, so. Derek is a Terminator sent back in time to protect Stiles. All well and good until resistance fighters and a new Terminator show up and try to kill Stiles. It turns out Derek was originally sent back by SKYNET as Stiles will one day help build one of SKYNET's key components.

Complications arise when Chris Argent, the leader of the resistance cell, realizing that the target is just a scared sixteen year old kid tries to explain just who they are and why he was targeted in the first place. This leaves Stiles in a tight spot. If he defects to the resistance he might be able to keep Judgement Day from happening, but that would mean turning away from, and probably being killed by, Derek who he thinks he might, sort of, okay totally fallen head over heels in love with.

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2012-02-07 05:13 pm

tvrealm's X-treme Trope-icals challenge

Odd Friendship

A friendship which develops between two characters that would seem unlikely to be friends. Through their friendship, they learn more about each other and about themselves. The characters in an Odd Friendship may have little to do with each other initially — or even begin as bitter enemies — and their friendship grows over time.

Overlaps with: Odd Couple, Intergenerational Friendship, Friendly Enemy.

I'm very doped up on cold meds so apologies in advance for any spelling mistakes )
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2012-01-22 12:38 am

fantasyverse ch.27: Top 5

Top 5 Moments That Made Me Squee So Loud I Scared My Cats (in no particular order).

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2011-10-31 06:20 pm

(no subject)

[livejournal.com profile] tvrealm's 2x19: When Jim Met Steve (crossover challenge)

Steve McGarrett/John Sheppard )
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2011-10-30 12:59 am

Fandomverse: Top 20 (OTPs)

[livejournal.com profile] fandomverse's challenge 17: Make a Top 20 list of something.

I made a 4frame picspam for each OTP and provided a rec of a fannish type thing for it. Please read the authors warnings as I included none of them.

01: Jack/Daniel (Stargate SG-1) Vid Rec: Language Barrier

posted in complete random order )
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2011-10-13 01:56 pm

(no subject)

27 image picspam of Jeremy/Tyler/Caroline from Vampire Diaries (uses a few season 3 images)

tvrealm Big Bang Part II: companion pic spam to my still WIP ficmix one entry back )
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2011-09-03 03:17 pm

scifiland BIG BANG

Warehouse 13 - 6 gifs, 1 picspam
TSCC - 1 gif
Futurama - 2 gifs
Haven - 1 wallpaper, 1 picspam

there's a fine line between love and hate )
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2011-05-05 11:06 am

fandomverse Big Bang Part III *almost done*

5 Firefly icons
1 Legend of the Seeker wallpaper
3 picspams (1 Legend of the Seeker, 1 Resident Evil Afterlife, 1 misc)

Fav Moment, End, Water, Dressed Up )
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2011-05-02 08:31 pm

fandomverse Big Bang Part II

2 Picspams (Leverage, Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles)

Epic Chef A Are You Here To Kill Me?

Epic, Trust )