05 May 2011 @ 11:06 am
fandomverse Big Bang Part III *almost done*  
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Favorite Moment: Two here, the first is that exact moment Simon goes from super cool, controlled military man, to worried brother. It's heartbreaking to see how tightly wrapped up he kept that concern while they were hurting River. The second is Nicci telling the single most powerful big bad ever to go eff himself cause she's bigger and badder.


End: A pretty darn satisfying ending to the show all things considered. Left a few plot hooks dangling for fanfic writers to play with (and may I just say the *not happy* face on Cara when Kahlen and Richard kissed just makes my inner Cara/Kahlen shipper squee).

Water: This movie was so very, very bad... but pretty.

Dressed Up: So many pretty costumes.
Dressed Up
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