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yeah I was pretty sure she was bulletproof )

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Medium: Fanmix
Fandom: Teen Wolf/The Dresden Files Fusion
Subject: General
Title: HEROES ARE PEOPLE (and people are flawed)
Warnings: nope
Notes: made for the AU challenge at waywardmixes. I couldn't quite fit everyone I wanted into the mix, so massive apologies to Bob, Sheriff Stilinski, the Carpenters and the Argents (and Allison, she deserves so much more then a footnote in Scott's entry). :( Also I think my shipping prefs might be showing ;P Who's who of Teen Wolf & The Dresden Files summed up in one pic. "Our heroes are people and people are flawed. Don't let that taint the thing you love." -Randy K. Milholland
More Notes: Click the ♥ beside each song for individual DLs, zip at the end. Blurb bits stolen from wikipedia and imdb.

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Medium: Fanmix
Fandom: The Dresden Files
Subject: Harry/Lasciel
Title: A Shadow In My Mind
Warnings: Possessive behavior, stalking/non-con imagery (in the lyrics), general relationship skeevyness.
Notes: Well, I finally managed to creep myself out... Seriously, why can't I ship anything normal? AU for White Night. I kept the POV vague so the who has been seduced and who is seducing is up in the air (especially for the last few songs). I have not read all the Dresden Files yet. Please no spoilers
More Notes: Click the ♥ beside each song for individual DLs, zip at the end.

I can't believe I actually used 'Every Breath You Take' in a fanmix and that it's actually one of the more romantic songs... )
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