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Fanmix - The Dresden Files - Harry/Lasciel  
Medium: Fanmix
Fandom: The Dresden Files
Subject: Harry/Lasciel
Title: A Shadow In My Mind
Warnings: Possessive behavior, stalking/non-con imagery (in the lyrics), general relationship skeevyness.
Notes: Well, I finally managed to creep myself out... Seriously, why can't I ship anything normal? AU for White Night. I kept the POV vague so the who has been seduced and who is seducing is up in the air (especially for the last few songs). I have not read all the Dresden Files yet. Please no spoilers
More Notes: Click the ♥ beside each song for individual DLs, zip at the end.

"'I told you once before, my host' the shadow said. 'You are easier to talk to when you are asleep.' Which was just chilling, taken in that context."

01. Seven Devils - Florence + the Machine -
They can keep me out 'til I tear the walls
'Til I save your heart, and to take your soul
For what has been done cannot be undone
In the evil's heart in the evil's soul

02. Julia Dream - Pink Floyd -
Julia dream, dreamboat queen, queen of all my dreams
Will the misty master break me
Will the key unlock my mind
Will the following footsteps catch me
Am I really dying

"There was nothing I could do to prevent Lasciel from seeing and hearing everything I did, or from rummaging around randomly in my memories, but I had learned that I could at least veil my active thoughts from her."

03. Every Breath You Take - The Police -
Every single day
Every word you say, every game you play
Every night you stay , I'll be watching you
O can't you see you belong to me

04. Two Steps Behind - Def Leppard -
Walk away if you want to
it's ok, if you need to
you can run, but you can never hide
From the shadow that's creeping up beside you
There's a magic running through your soul
But you can't have it all

"'This isn't real,' I said quietly. 'The water isn't really hot. No one is actually massaging my neck. It's an illusion you're laying over my senses.'

'Does it not feel soothing?' her disembodied voice asked. 'Does it not ease the tension?'"

05. Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin -
I feel a premonition that girl's gonna make me fall.
She's into new sensations new kicks in the candle light.
She's got a new addiction for every day and night.
She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain.
She'll make you live her crazy life but she'll take away your pain
like a bullet to your brain.

06. Possession - Sarah McLachlan -
And I would be the one to hold you down
Kiss you so hard I'll take your breath away
And after I'd wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear

"'So?' I said. 'I've held out for this long. Suppose I do it the whole way? Suppose I never pick up the coin. Shadow-you never goes back to real-you. Who's to say that shadow-you can't find some kind of life for herself?' Hellfire eyes narrowed at me, but she did not reply.

'Lash,' I said quietly, and relaxed my will, releasing my hold on her. 'Just because you start out as one thing, it doesn't mean you can't grow into something else.'"

07. Heaven Help Me - Gretchen Wilson -
I'm no stranger to temptation
I have found some comfort there
But it only leaves me with questions
Never answers any prayers
I've been as high as angels fly
and I've fallen straight to hell
Heaven help me

08. Changed By You - Between The Trees -
'Cause I am changed by you
The more I get to know you the more I want you close to me
And I'll take care of you please just say you'll let me
Forever be whatever you need

"Seeing her smile was like watching the sun rise on the very first morning, like feeling the caress of the first breeze of the first spring. It made me want to laugh and run and spin around in it, like the sunny days of a childhood I could only dimly remember."

09. Everything - Alanis Morissette -
You see everything, you see every part
You see all my light and you love my dark
You dig everything of which I'm ashamed
There's not anything to which you can't relate
And you're still here
What I resist, persists, and speaks louder than I know
What I resist, you love, no matter how low or high I go

10. Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler -
And I need you now tonight
And I need you more than ever and if you only hold me tight
We'll be holding on forever and we'll only be making it right
'Cause we'll never be wrong
Together we can take it to the end of the line
Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time
(All of the time)


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