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ZOMG it's a fic... and a mix, but FIC!!  
Medium: Fanmix/Fic
Fandom: Doctor Who/Warehouse 13/BtVS
Subject: Jenny/Claudia/Dawn
Title: A State of Mind and Spirit
Warnings: nope
Summary: "Excuse me miss, do you happen to know where the metaphysical contruct of a sentient abstract concept might be?"
Notes: made for femslash_land's "Infinite Playlist of Love" challenge (make a fanmix about a femslash pairing of your choice).
"I have found adventure in flying, in world travel, in business, and even close at hand... Adventure is a state of mind - and spirit." -Jacqueline Cochran (1910 - 1980)

A State Of Mind And Spirit - ZIP

In My Head by Anna Nalick
Under the weight of your wings
Should ever we meet on your side of your stereo
I will pretend I know not of your thoughts
And even the way that they mirror my own
I'll take you away in the way that you take me and go where I go
In my head, your voice
You've got all that I need

Talking In Your Sleep - The Romantics
When you close your eyes and you go to sleep
And it's down to the sound of a heartbeat
I can hear the things that you're dreaming about
When you open up your heart and the truth comes out

Welcome to Mystery - Plain White T's
Imagine a room where the flowers they bloom
Through the cracks in the floor and the ceiling
Just you and the missus and roses and kisses
My, what a wonderful feeling
Oooo, This is a place where your mind can escape
All the problems today and go far, far away
This is a time with no history
Welcome to mystery

3AM - Matchbox Twenty
She believes that life is made up of all that you're used to
And the clock on the wall has been stuck at three for days, and days
She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway
But outside it's stopped raining

Come On Get Higher - Matt Nathanson
So come on, get higher, loosen my lips
Faith and desire in the swing of your hips
Just to throw me down hard and drown me, drown me in love
So, come on, get higher come on, get higher
'Cause everything works love everything works in your arms

Hey Soul Sister - Train
Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains
I knew I wouldn't forget you and so I went and let you blow my mind
Your sweet moonbeam the smell of you in every single dream I dream
I knew when we collided you're the one I have decided
Who's one of my kind

Shut Your Eyes - Snow Patrol
Shut your eyes and think of somewhere, somewhere cold and caked in snow
By the fire we break the quiet learn to wear each other well
And when the worrying starts to hurt and the world feels like graves of dirt
Just close your eyes until you can imagine this place
yeah, our secret space at will

We Are Stars - The Pierces
We are stars, fashioned in the flesh and bone,
We are islands, excuses to remain alone,
We are moons, throw ourselves around each other,
We are oceans, being controlled by the pull of another.
And I just wanna be loved by you, yeah I just wanna be loved by you,
I see nothing worse than to sail this universe without you.

"Maybe if you stopped and asked someone for directions we'd find it faster?" said a feminine voice from the other side of the wall Dawn had chosen to shade her as she read her book. Dawn bit her lip and hoped said voice wouldn't notice her sitting there, as she had only moved to the area a few weeks ago and she still got lost on her way to the market.

"I somehow doubt anyone we find here would have any idea what I was asking for even if I did ask." replied another voice, british sounding this time.

"You'll never know until you try," came the first voice again, sounding hopeful. "C'mon, we've been walking for hours."

"And we'll walk for hours more if we..." the second voice broke off as a buzzing was heard. "Or we won't. We're here."

"What do you mean we're here? I thought you said this thing was going to be huge. There's nothing here but a few trees a bench and a knee-high wall."

"And a girl pretending to read her book while listening to us. Excuse me miss, do you happen to know where the metaphysical construct of a sentient abstract concept might be? My sonic says it's right here in this general area but..." she said leaning over the wall and smiling down at Dawn, bright blue eyes twinkling like she was in on the universe's greatest joke. Of course she was asking about the key, so maybe she was.

Dawn just stared back, wide eyed and mouth gaping. How did this girl know about the key and how in the world had she tracked Dawn down here.

"Dude, I think you broke her." said the first girl, a redhead Dawn noticed absently, elbowing the second out of the way. "Hey there, I'm Claudia and she's Jenny. We're looking for a power source. Probably be pretty big, any ideas where we can find it?" The second girl, Jenny, just giggled into her hand and flicked her blond hair over her shoulder.

"Uh, no?" Dawn stammered, "Uh, if you don't mind my asking, why are you looking for this power source anyway?"

"My ship is sad and looking for a friend, so I told her I would go find her one, but she's picky. She'll only settle for someone who knows what it's like to exist outside time as she does." Jenny said this so matter-of-factly that it took a few beats for the meaning to kick in. Judging by the look on Claudia's face she hadn't expected her companion to say that either.

"Wait, so you're looking for a giant sentient power source to be friends with your ship?" Dawn asked, voice heavily tinted with disbelief.

"Yep." Jenny answered with a huge grin. Dawn just stared up at Jenny, and Jenny stared right back, waggling her eyebrows as she asked, "So, you wanna come meet my ship?"

Dawn narrowed her eyes and marked her spot in her book as Claudia snapped her fingers figuring out what Jenny had known from the start. "Okay, but if this turns into a kidnapping, my sister will track us down." She stood up brushing the grass off skirt. "I'm Dawn, by the way."

Claudia just tossed her arm over Dawn's shoulders with a smirk, "Dawn huh? I like it, totally fits you. This is gunna be the start of a beautiful friendship."

And you know what? It was.
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