20 September 2012 @ 04:05 pm
Fanmix - Teen Wolf (Derek Hale) - The Bitter Taste of Ashes  
Medium: Fanmix
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Subject: Derek Hale
Title: The Bitter Taste of Ashes
Warnings: covers all of seasons one and two
Notes: for waywardmixes

Derek Hale was born a werewolf and grew up with his family/pack in Beacon Hills. While he was in high school, he was seduced by Kate Argent so she (plus a few others) could set the Hale House on fire and kill most of his family.

The series begins when he returns the Beacon Hills looking for his older sister Laura, who herself had come back to town investigating suspicious werewolf activity, and finds her dead in the woods from an "animal" attack. Kate Argent arrives shortly after he does to investigate the increase in animal attacks. Turns out that both Laura and the random town folk were all killed by Derek's uncle Peter Hale, who everyone though was still catatonic from the fire. Laura was killed so he could take over as Alpha, the rest were the people that helped Kate set the fire. The season ends with Peter killing Kate, then Derek killing Peter and taking the alpha powers for himself.

Season two begins with Derek setting out to make a pack from "every self-esteem deprived adolescent in town". The first person he bit went horribly wrong and turned into a giant lizard creature called a Kanima that went on a bit of a killing spree over the course of the season. Also new this season is Gerard, Kate's father, who has come to town to get revenge for his daughter's death... and just when things really can't get much worse, Peter manages to orchestrate his own resurrection via conveniently possessed teenager.

All in all, Derek is basically a giant (sometimes furry) ball of brooding, lurking, angst and trust issues.

The Bitter Taste of Ashes

01. Sometimes - A Rocket To The Moon -
You're standin' all alone,
Short of breath and tired eyes.
You're shakin' to the bone,
Overdressed and nowhere else to go.

02. Fruitcake - Stone Sour -
All in all, this is all I can take – when I fell it was my first mistake, but
Broken-hearted must've wilted, cause everything’s all tilted
I keep a little place in the back of my mind
I take a little trip when they use up my line

03. FMLYHM - Seether -
You could've been the next one
(God only knows)
You could've been the one
to comprehend me
You could've been the only one
(the broken down and sick one)
You could've been the one who I lie with

04. Guilty - Gravity Kills -
I'll tell you something, something new
You're hearing nothing, nothing true
You're killing me, I'm killing you
And I'm guilty too

05. Eva - Orgy -
still I pretend that you're still standing by,
to show me wrong from right,
never got a chance to say goodbye.
take this gift from me,
hold it deep in mind forever,
and never let this go.

06. Tonight - Staind -
I no longer relate to this world of hate
That's forced upon my plate
I tend to disagree I hope it's not just me
Alone if only I could make you see

07. Rock What You Got - Superchick -
Welcome misfits, orphans, all
The ones who feel they don't belong
You were made to rock, so stand up tall
Go rock the world and prove them wrong

08. Robot Boy - Linkin Park -
You say the weight of the world has kept
you from letting go
And you think compassion's a flaw and
you'll never let it show
And you're sure you hurt in a way that no
one will ever know
But someday the weight of the world will
give you the strength to go


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