04 March 2012 @ 04:56 pm
Medium: Fanmix
Fandom: Warehouse 13/Sanctuary
Subject: H.G. Wells/Helen Magnus
Title: Heaven & Earth
Warnings: nope
Notes: made for Ch.9 Option B: Follow The Mournful Melody.
Make a sad minimix (four songs + a front cover) for the femslash pairing of your choice.

Among Angels - Kate Bush
I might know what you mean when you say you fall apart.
Aren't we all the same? In and out of doubt.
I can see angels standing around you.
They shimmer like mirrors in Summer.
But you don't know it.

Video Game - Lana Del Ray
Heaven is a place on earth with you
Tell me all the things you want to do
I heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true?
It's better than I ever even knew
They say that the world was built for two
Only worth living if somebody is loving you
Baby, now you do

Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift
And you stood there in front of me just
Close enough to touch, close enough to hope you couldn't see
What I was thinking of
Drop everything now meet me in the pouring rain
Kiss me on the sidewalk take away the pain
'Cause I see, sparks fly whenever you smile
Get me with those green eyes, baby as the lights go down
Something that'll haunt me when you're not around

Everywhere - Michelle Branch
I recognize the way you make me feel
It's hard to think that
You might not be real
I sense it now, the water's getting deep
I try to wash the pain away from me
Away from me

Bird and Whale - Rosie and Me
Our hearts work like an engine steady we remain
Pulsing from the distance, but the sound is nice and clear
Don't go. Just stay right here
Oh darling can't you see what's in store for you is the sea
I'm an island far from the coast
Your embrace is the only thing I know

The Sword & The Pen - Regina Specktor
Don't let me out of this kiss, don't let me say what I say.
The things that scare us today, what if they happen someday?
Don't let me out of your arms for now.
What if the sword kills the pen? What if the god kills the man?
And if he does it with love, well then it's death from above.
And death from above is still a death.
I don't want to live without you.

Maybe - Ingrid Michaelson
Maybe in the future you're gonna come back
You're gonna come back
Oh, the only way to really know is to really let it go
Maybe you're gonna come back, you're gonna come back
You're gonna come back to me

Breathe - Thea Gilmore
Well I know I must have got it wrong
Sung the wrong line to the wrong song
And left you there without a clue
Back then there were devils to appease
Now all I've got's the strangest breeze
Blowing me straight back into you

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