01 September 2012 @ 10:54 pm
Medium: Fanmix/Picspam/Gifset
Fandom: Teen Wolf/Terminator Fusion
Subject: Derek/Stiles
Title: A Boy and His Robot
Notes: for fandomverse's big bang. Inspired by have in a TSCC icon and a Teen Wolf icon on the same row, and slayground@tumblr textures.
Summary: K, so. Derek is a Terminator sent back in time to protect Stiles. All well and good until resistance fighters and a new Terminator show up and try to kill Stiles. It turns out Derek was originally sent back by SKYNET as Stiles will one day help build one of SKYNET's key components.

Complications arise when Chris Argent, the leader of the resistance cell, realizing that the target is just a scared sixteen year old kid tries to explain just who they are and why he was targeted in the first place. This leaves Stiles in a tight spot. If he defects to the resistance he might be able to keep Judgement Day from happening, but that would mean turning away from, and probably being killed by, Derek who he thinks he might, sort of, okay totally fallen head over heels in love with.

You're Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring
hit ‘em right between the eyes
when you walk away nothing more to say
see the lightning in your eyes
see ‘em running for their lives

Liar - Tonic
so take another shot boy
I'm open nobody knows a liar
you can never break me
I'm already broken
nobody knows a liar like I do

Lights - Ellie Goulding
noises, I play within my head
touch my own skin and hope that I'm still breathing
and I think back to when my brother and my sister slept
in an unlocked place the only time I feel safe

Rangers - A Fine Frenzy
the rangers stream out of their cabins
they are the hunters and we are the rabbits
maybe we don't want to be found
maybe we don't want you tracking us down

Waves - Metric
the future is all mine
I'll find it on my way back
when I'm gone I'll know what I've done
I'll go where I don't belong

I Just Want You - Ozzy Osbourne
there are no unlockable doors, there are no unwinnable wars
there are no unrightable wrongs or unsingable songs
there are no unbeatable odds, there are no believable gods
there are no unnameable names, shall I say it again, yeah

Fire and The Thud - Arctic Monkeys
you showed me my tomorrow beside a box of matches
a welcome threatening stir, my hopes of being stolen
might just ring true depends who you prefer

Breathe - Crüxshadows
life may leave us, streatched across the soul we buried
sunday moving slower when the loneliness sets in
and if our children die, before we reach our own demise,
then life is blacker still, blacker than the blackest fire.

Dance Inside - The All American Rejects
you don't have to move, you don't have to speak (lips for biting)
you're staring me down, a glance makes me weak (eyes for striking)
now I'm twisting up when I'm twisted with you (brush so lightly)
and time trickles down, and I'm breathing for two (squeeze so tightly)


"Come with me if you want to live."

"If a machine can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too." - Sarah Conner (T2)

"It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop. Ever, until you are dead." - Kyle Reese (T1)

"We are out numbered by machines. Working around the clock, without quit humans have a strength that cannot be measured. If you are listening to this, you are the resistance." - John Connor (T4)

"No one is ever safe" - John & Sarah Connor (TSCC)

A couple of visual comparisons that might have help make this click for me.

fanmix = 20
10 icons = 20
50 image picspam = 40
6 gifs = 24
total = 104
Current Mood: bouncy
Current Music: Breathe - Crüxshadows
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