20 May 2014 @ 10:34 am
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Theme: Double Exposure/Take A Stand

Theme: Family/In The Mood

Theme: Easy On The Eyes

Theme: Hero

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Face to Face - Siouxsie and the Banshees
This danger thrills and my conflict kills
They say follow your heart, follow it through
But how can you when you're split in two?

Still Here - Digital Daggers
I'd die to be where you are. I tried to be where you are.
Every night, I dream you still here.
The ghost by my side, so perfect so clear.
When I awake, you disappear

More - Junkie XL
The wheels keep turning and the clock is pounding
And there's only more and more that I want.
And through the things you can still feel the sounding
Of the maze, of the place where things still matter

A Dream Within A Dream - The Glitch Mob

Only In My Mind - Imperative Reaction
I know like you, though we still deny it
It shows in you, you know it's true
And though I tried to fight it
I can't see through all I won't accept

Come Fly Away (Soha & Adam K remix) - Benny Benassi
Feels like you're beatin', beatin' the drum beats into my heart
Feels like there's nothin', nothin' around to make me stop
You are a motion that makes me high, you are a dream that burns inside
A magic potion, that's my soul, come fly with me

Count to Ten - Brenda Xu
I count to ten before I dive in
I count to ten before I raise the stakes
some say wash it down, couldn't be another one there own lives
There now don't be shy live it up just one day at a time

Final Warning - Skylar Grey
This is your final warning
There's a dark cloud overhead
This is your final warning
Just remember what I said
Someone's gonna get hurt

Nightcall / Real Hero - Natalie McCool
I'm giving you a night call to tell you how I feel
I want to drive you through the night, down the hills
I'm gonna tell you something you don't want to hear
I'm gonna show you where it's dark, but have no fear

Under the Gun - Kristin Hersh
We passed this way before
We said this then
Under the gun we run
My heart goes out to you

Motels - Emily Zuzik Band
Sometimes I go to motels to think
The bitter silence keeps me there
I got a lot on my mind since you came 'round
I got an axe to grind my dear, so I'll grind it down

Money Made You Mean - Indigo Girls
Now you have to fix everything that's broke
cause it'll never leave you alone.
Reinvent the wheel, be the butt of a joke,
take the long road to charity.
Right or left it's all the same conspiracy

Where The Lonely Roam (piano version) - Digital Daggers
Won't you come out we could paint the town red
Kill a little time you can sleep when you're dead
Cause it isn't over yet get it out of your head
Chase a couple hearts we could leave 'em in shreds
Meet me in the gutter make the devil your friend
Just remember what I said cause it isn't over yet
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